Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First 3D Printed Articles

This was printed in PLA 100% infill.  Stiff, nice finish.  The real test is drill and tap.  My design has one wrong angle, so if I use for production; I have to make one cut.

UPDATE: At least for the 8-32 holes, drilling and tapping went well.  The legs ended up 0.7% wider and 3%  rhicker than drawing.  Perhaps a quirk of how PLA cures.

Drillin and tapping worked well.


  1. Clayton,
    What did you finally use for creating a 3D model? I have some interest in getting some things created with 3D printing, but I have not got the knack of creating 3D models down. I had used a free 3D modeling program to create models for visual effect, but never really had any facility with it.
    Thank you, Jim Bender

  2. I have a friend with AutoCAD who did it for me. I tried using FreeCAD, and it mystifies me.