Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Can You Top This?

Gandhi observed that an eye for an eye will blind the world.  And coming from a part of the world where revenge is the highest principle, this is no surprise:
(Bloomberg) -- Jordan executed two Iraqi prisoners a day after Islamic State militants released a video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive inside of a cage.

One of the convicted prisoners executed early on Wednesday was Sajida Al-Rishawi, a failed suicide bomber who took part in deadly 2005 attacks on hotels in Amman, the state-run Petra news agency reported. Jordan also hanged Ziad Karbuli, who had been sentenced to death in 2007 for terrorist acts.
I am guessing these criminals were already under death sentence before this atrocity, but it is a reminder that playing hardball with Jordan doesn't work.  And burning someone to death in a cage really captures well the sort of monsters with whom we are dealing.  Playing nice in the style that Michael Moore and other progressives want just doesn't make sense.

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  1. I see that the King of Jordan is threatening to do some attitude adjustment personally. I gather he is qualified on the F16.