Friday, February 20, 2015

Okay, Things About The Jaguar XF I Don't Like

The glove compartment does not have a lock.  If you leave the car in valet mode, you enter a four digit code, and it locks the glove compartment, disables the radio, and locks the trunk.  To disable, you enter the code when you return.  This is fine for valets, who will be parking the car, but there are times when it is nice to leave the glove/pistol compartment locked even when driving, such as when your overly curious grandkids are in the car, or if you want to let them listen to the radio while you are in the store.

I am sure in time I will find other objections, but right now, I am happy.  The car is returning almost 22 mpg so far, and I have not been driving calmly..

Interesting feature: you can set it up so that holding down the unlick button on the fob does "global open": roll down all windows and open sunroof.  "Global close" should do the opposite.    I may not have it configured correctly.

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  1. Clayton,

    Check with your service advisor, there may be a fix in the electonics setup. For example, in a Toyota, there is a app called Techstream that allows modification of almost every convenience, alarm, lock and light system in the car.