Friday, February 27, 2015

More interesting discoveries in jaguar land

According to the user's manual, the new Jag has a CD changer, but a bit different from what I am used to.  Instead of a magazine in which you insert many CDs, it reads CDs and stores their contents in a hard drive.  So you can load 10 CDs into it, but they are ejected after each is copied.  It is a bit slower to load than the Corvette, because it takes a couple minutes to upload each CD to the hard drive, but probably less prone to shock disruption of play.


  1. I have been burning all of my music on an MP3 player for years, and I love it. I do a lot of driving and I hate CD's that skip. CD players have gotten a lot better in the past few years with most of them offering anti-skip protection... But that does not help when you can't afford the top end models.

    These days, all the car radios seem to come with an audio jack, USB port, and Bluetooth. They have started phasing out CD drives in the new car radios.

    The idea of a radio that can scan CD's is pretty neat. I still purchase CD's (love having the physical media and it's easier to transfer the music between myself and the wife). But, technology is changing.