Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rehab Isn't Cheap

Blue Cross limits physical therapy to 20 visits per plan year, and I have run through them.  Feeling rich, I decided that I would pay out pocket as long as I was improving.  Bu these 60 minute sessions cost about $300 each.  I'm not that rich.  I am still making progress with my various exercises for this locked up deltoid muscle.  Maybe when the new plan year starts in July.


  1. Perhaps there are books, or online videos, that would help you work on self-help therapy. At least until your plan can cover more sessions.

    Also, you might check around your area for someone who does this sort of work privately, rather than working for a clinic. Sometimes you need hands-on effort, mostly it's just someone to oversee your efforts, to make sure it's being done correctly, and to judge when to change the action in some fashion.

  2. Anything along the lines of an in-house trainer at the YMCA, etc. available? Once you know the basic rehab exercises access to equipment and a little bit of coaching to make sure you doing it correctly might be beneficial.