Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jaguar S-Type

We paid to have the plastic protectant coating (think of it as a rock condom) added to the front of the XF, and so we dropped it off this morning to have that done.  Wyhen we bought the X-type, the closer tried to sell us on this, but I said no because the Corvette had an even lower nose than the -type, and had not been particularly nicked by rocks.  It appears GM uses better paint than Jaguar, so this time I said yes.  The backup camera also has what looks like dirt in the lower right part of the screen so they are checking that as well.  The disfiguration does not apear on any screen but the backup camera, so I suspect it is camera-related.

They gave us a Jaguar S sedan as a loaner.  This is a retro design of theirs.
If you still have a stash of LSD, Mary Quant fashions, and Beatles albums (on vinyl), this will fit in.  The interior is quite similar to our X-type (now referred to in our house as the "baby Jag"), and the same 3.0L V6, so it is a liitle slower, RWD, and unaccountably a rougher ride.  It has a bit more room inside than the X-type.  I can't imagine why you would have bought one except for the whole "London calling" retro look.

The S-type is really an X-type with only rear wheel drive, and a slightly larger body. Without the weight of the AWD, the same power gives the S-type about the same oomph as an X-type. If you lived somewhere snow does not happen, like Southern California, an S-type would be a fine sedan choice.

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