Friday, February 6, 2015

Tapping Threads in ABS and PLA

I have an STL file for the part I need, and I am trying to get a local vendor to print it.  I will still need to drill and tap some holes in the part.  I understand ABS and PLA (the common 3D printing materials) both work okay for drilling and tapping.  Any experience?  We are talking 1/2"-13 and M6 threads.

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  1. No experience but a comment. 3D printing typically prints a solid skin with internal honeycomb to make it strong, light and to save plastic and time.

    The honeycomb will interfere with drilling and tapping. You will need to make sure the area you want to tap is solid all the way through. If doing a 1/4" screw, for example, I would think a 1/2" solid area would do it.

    No idea how to program to make solid areas. I am sure this is a common issue so it can't be too hard.

    Be sure to let us know how it comes out and what you do.

    John Henry