Saturday, May 31, 2014

We Stayed at the Green Creek Inn & RV Park, Wapiti

This was a mistake, not so much because of the Green Creek Inn, as the location.  Like everything about Yellowstone, it was a bit expensive because Yellowstone is barely a six month vacation destination, and prices reflect the need to make your profit in the six months that Yellowstone is readily accessible.

The biggest mistake to staying in Wapiti, which is only about 20 miles east of Yellowstone's east entrance, is that the east entrance is easily an hour from the center of the park, and these are very slow roads.  Wapiti makes sense for one night coming to the park, or coming away from the park, but as a point from which to plan excursions, not so much.

The hosts were very friendly and helpful (including finding a spare charger for my Motorola cell phone).  The area around the Green Creek Inn is quite scenic, including this bizarre log cabin built almost without mechanical assistance, before it killed the builder:

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