Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things Not Allowed On A Catholic University Campus

Support for traditional marriage.  From the May 2, 2014 University Herald:
"Notre Dame police officers told us that we only had proper permission to have a table - but that nobody was allowed to actually man the table, which was the whole point of having a table in the first place. How can a table man itself? So we were forced to leave," John Ritchie, spokesman for TFP Student Action, said in a statement.
Ritchie said that police officers arrived soon after volunteers started distributing pro-family literature, 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex "Marriage" is Harmful and Must Be Opposed.
It was well received by majority of the Catholic academic institute's campus community. However, several pro-homosexual/leftist students tore up the fliers, yelled obscenities and engaged in other unethical behavior. The opponents also claimed that messages related to religious conservatives did not merit to be endorsed.
The University of Notre Dame Security Police Department said that separate permissions are required to organize a table and manage the table with volunteers.
Dennis Brown, Notre Dame Spokesman, said that the decision to expel Traditional Marriage Group from campus was in accordance with the school's policies and not based on the content of TFP handout.
Notre Dame has excuses for why, but it is pretty apparent that Notre Dame's Catholicism is much like public university liberalism -- a long, long time ago, and no longer relevant to what they do today.


  1. Like Oberlin is a Presbyterian college. But then, considering most mainstream churches in the US these days, it's probably a wash.

  2. How can Notre Dame get spanked for allowing the heckler's veto which was a bad thing way back when people would get hostile over the same-sex propositions?