Monday, May 26, 2014

More Signs That The UCSB Shooter Had a Serious Mental lllness Problem

May 24, 2014 The Blaze has some long and very sad quotes from his manifesto:
And then it gets really weird, with fantasies of setting up concentration camps to starve all women to death (except for a few "breeding stock").

UPDATE: I don't know how to describe what the various news accounts are describing, but it sounds quite severe.  The May 26, 2014 Telegraph reports that he emailed the manifesto to his therapist, who contacted Rodger's parents, who contacted police.  Also:
Simon Astaire, a family friend, said their son had been seeing therapists since the age of eight, including virtually “every day” while at high school.
I'm not sure where CrimeFileNews is getting this information, but the proprietor is a retired cop, and has all sorts of inside information:
Rodger had steadfastly refused to take his prescribed anti-psychotic medications.  Instead of institutionalizing Rodger his keepers knowingly let this time bomb walk our streets.

Rodger’s family repeatedly did all they could to warn police of the very real danger.  We’ve yet to hear their repeated 911 calls they made in effort to get police to have Rodger picked up for a 5150 psychiatric hold and examination.
 Of course, a Welfare & Institutions sec. 5150 hold means that you can't possess a firearm for five years (with some exceptions).  All handgun purchases in California are registered.  If Santa Barbara police had held Rodger under 5150, they would have confiscated his guns.  (But not, presumably, the hammers and machetes that he apparently used to murder his roommates.)


  1. What I haven't seen is clear signs of delusions (although his views are extreme). I wonder if this guy isn't more of a malignant narcissist than a psychotic.

    That said, I'm no expert.

  2. Women are so horrible, but damned if he doesn't want one, bad. Preferably blonde.

    That kid was one damaged unit.

  3. Nothing wrong with this. It is doctrine for a billion Moslems.

  4. Clayton - the blogger who (grandiosely) calls himself "Lion of the Blogosphere" has some good posts digging into this guy's mentality, based mostly on reading the autobiography/manifesto.

    The top two thirds of his front page is all about Rodger. Probably worth reading - more so than some of Lion's stuff.