Thursday, May 29, 2014

Windows 7 Not Updating Clock

I have been trying to figure out why.  Any suggestions?  This isn't when the computer reboots; that would suggest that the lithium battery on the motherboard needs replacing.  The PC has been up for several days, and it was claiming it was Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: It appears that if I hit the Update Now button in Internet Time Settings, it updates, even if it is way out of sync.  But it appears as though whatever task is responsible for running sync isn't doing it.  Odd.


  1. I've discovered that the clock won't update if the date is wrong. Set the date correctly and then try to manually contact the time server.

    If you're losing the clock when you shut down, your CMOS battery (A big fat watch battery) is probably dead.

  2. To follow on what Mauser said, if Windows 7 is following the NTP spec, or even mis-following it in the usual MS traditions, then if the clock is more than 1024 seconds out it won't slew it back in. I haven't sat in front of a windows machine for a month or 6, but I think there's a button somewhere that will force it to sync.