Thursday, May 15, 2014

"You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think You Know the Meaning of That Word."

A great line from the Princess Bride.  And reading this May 14, 2014 Idaho Statesman article about Russ Fulcher's Republican primary challenge to Gov. Otter, it comes to mind:
Otter: Otter said "traditional marriage in Idaho is one of our base, core, deep, tap root principles."

He declined to say whether he would sign a bill to expand the Idaho Human Rights Act, but said proponents should have received a legislative hearing this year.

Otter said he has "very close relatives" who are gay and are loved and respected in his family. "I have always supported human rights for everyone, individual rights for everyone. I made my bones in early politics - everybody called me a libertarian. And there's no true libertarian that wants to put a shackle on anybody."
The expansion of the Idaho Human Rights Act would actually put a shackle on individuals and businesses who chose not to bake a gay wedding cake, or photograph a gay "commitment ceremony."  Like many people who fancy themselves libertarians, Gov. Otter really means not "more liberty" but "more power for some, less liberty for others."

You can see why I am voting for Fulcher -- along with the rest of the sleazy, but perhaps not truly unlawful connections to Idaho state government contracting.

UPDATE: I originally wrote "more liberty for some, less for others" but adding sexual orientation doesn't actually create more liberty for some; power to order others about is not liberty.

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