Thursday, May 1, 2014

If This Appeared on InfoWars.COM, I Would Ignore It

SASABE, SONORA - Has a unit of Mexican Army soldiers who patrol right on the Arizona border gone rogue?
This small group has attacked U.S. citizens, and even challenged U.S. federal agents within the U.S. A News 4 Tucson investigation into the dangerous world of rogue soldiers in mexico's military.
In January, soldiers from this lonely outpost of the Mexican Army drew their guns on U.S. Border Patrol agents just 50 yards into the United States. Then in March, they opened fire on Javier Jose Rodriguez, a young Tucson man visiting family in Sásabe when he was driving around the town early on a Saturday morning after drinking beers with friends. Rodriguez was shot in the arm and in the side, he spent three weeks at University of Arizona Medical Center.
The United States' reaction has been tepid, angering people who live and patrol along the Arizona border.
Tepid?  Of course!  Perhaps they are simply undocumented workers for one of the drug cartels.


  1. What do you expect. The Feds are more worried about illegal cattle in Nevada than illegal immigrants everywhere.

  2. The escapades from Mexican Military units date back many years. Soldier of Fortune had articles back in the 90s about them including pictures of the units running drug couriers in SUVs through the border, deep in US Soil and even engaging in shootouts with US Authorities.