Saturday, May 31, 2014

On Our Way to Yellowstone We Stopped at Hagerman National Monument

Hagerman has some of the early horse fossils, but we ended up wasting several hours trying to find the national monument.  The visitors center is quite a distance from the boundaries of the national monument, and our Garmin was not smart enough to know the difference, leading us on a wild fossil horse chase.  But for eastern Idaho, it's pretty interesting terrain:

There are some lovely wildflowers out there:

It is also the land of vaguely alien looking windmills:

There are a lot of ferociously anti-windmill billboards in that part of Idaho.  As I understand the upset, because windmills provide only intermittent and therefore untrustworthy electricity, the utilities have to have standby power available to make up for wind shortfalls.  This apparently drives up electricity prices, in spite of the promise of "free" energy.

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