Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Which Emits More Carbon Dioxide Per Mile: A Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Tesla Model S?

Interesting analysis here, with this startling conclusion:

It is an interesting thought -- that the rich people who buy these cars are doing more damage to Mother Earth than the ignorant redneck (and doubtless Republican, just adding insult to injury) out there driving an SUV.


  1. Rednecks don't drive SUVs... they drive big diesel trucks. :)

  2. Am I missing something? Is the author trying to include some of the CO2 costs of building the EV, but none of the CO2 costs of building the non-EV vehicles?

    A genuine cost comparison (not that I think this really matters, in the long run) would have to have an effective summation of all CO2 costs of operating the vehicle, plus all the CO2 cost of building the vehicle, the latter prorated over the effective average lifespan of the vehicle.

    I'm quite certain that accurate estimates of the building figures are not available, but using the amazing fancy proxy called 'price' that some economists are so enamored of, we can see the every EV is a complete loser so far.

  3. You raise a good point -- there's a lot of energy that goes into building a conventional auto, and the purchase price is a pretty good indicator of how much energy it took.