Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Really Ugly News Story

And again, the only reason that I am posting it is to remind people that the widespread claim that openly gay men don't molest children does not survive any actual reading of news stories:
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - State prosecutors say they are "confident and satisfied" that Carl Philip Herold, accused of holding a child captive, sexually torturing him and producing child pornography of the torture, will show up for trial after a judge here raised Herold's bond to $1 million cash today.
Yeah, why would they worry about someone accused of a crime like that skipping bail?
Herold, 32, faces charges of producing child pornography, distributing child pornography, allowing his child to be depicted in pornography, sodomy, sexual abuse and aggravated child abuse. He is in the Madison County Jail and was before District Judge Alison Austin today on the state's bond increase petition.
Austin issued a similar order Monday raising to $1 million the bond against Charles Dunnavant, identified as Herold's domestic partner and suspected partner in the alleged crimes. Dunnavant faces charges including sexual torture, sodomy, aggravated child abuse and transmitting or exposing a person to a STD, 
Yeah, yeah, innocent until proven guilty -- but the child pornography charges do not suggest that this is not going to be a "no, I did nothing of the sort" defense.  I know that most homosexuals do not molest children, and regard this as abhorrent behavior.  But I am rather tired of the over-the-top claim that only men in the closet do that sort of thing.  As I have pointed out in the past, not only do openly gay men do this sort of thing, but openly gay men who are gay community leaders do this sort of thing.

A&E's attempt to muzzle the Duck Dynasty star for saying something that really isn't particularly controversial definitely irritates me because it seems to be part of a larger agenda of suppressing speech that doesn't make GLAAD happy.

UPDATE: A reader pointed me to this news story about GLAAD getting smacked upside the head:

In the fallout over Wednesday’s suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson by A&E for anti-gay and racist remarks, GLAAD is experiencing record levels of backlash.

“In the five-and-a-half years I’ve worked at GLAAD, I’ve never received so many violently angry phone calls and social media posts attacking GLAAD for us speaking out against these comments,” the media watchdog organization’s vice president of communications Rich Ferraro told TheWrap.
I have a pretty live and let live attitude.  I am far more concerned and actually somewhat afraid of the approach that GLAAD and other gay activists groups take than I am of homosexuality.  I am pretty confident, based on the research that I have seen, that a major determinant of homosexuality is child sexual abuse.  I very much doubt that the continual propagandizing in favor of homosexuality by the mass media is going to make much of a difference in what percentage of the population turns gay/bi/lesbian/transgendered/queer/transspecies/transdimensional (or whatever they add to the list next week) -- as long as there is a free speech opportunity by those who disagree.

GLAAD and other gay rights groups are quite committed to suppressing differing points of view in a way that is really quite fascist.  It is not hard to figure out why they are so fascist.  It is not because there is widespread hatred of homosexuals in this country.  (For many Americans, they just want "the love that dare not speak its name" to shut up for a while.)  It is because there are a lot of people who for all their talk of "proud and out" are clearly not proud, and not very sure that they can take the kind of polite criticism that Phil Robertson gave.  If you can't take Robertson's paraphrase of New Testament criticism of sin (which did not equate homosexuality with bestiality, except in the sense that both are sin), then you are obviously far too thin-skinned to wander free in a free society.

Homosexuals, when I was young, insisted that what consenting adults did was none of the government's business.  A&E's decision is obviously not a governmental action.  But this insistence on gay activists using their near total control over the news and entertainment media, legal profession, and higher education to suppress differences of opinion should scare the wits of anyone who believes in freedom of thought.


  1. I think the claim is that this sort of crime is not more common among homosexuals than it is among heterosexuals -- that there is no need to protect children from homosexual teachers but not heterosexual teachers.

  2. It is actually more common among homosexuals than heterosexuals (although most homosexuals and heterosexuals are not interested in children). I more than occasionally see reporters claim that homosexuality and child abuse are two completely separate behaviors, and that openly gay men are not interested in children. It is true that most are not interested in children, but the stark oversimplification is, I suspect, an attempt to avoid confronting that there is a real problem there.

  3. I have been nauseated by the antics of GLAAD for some time so it brought a smile when I read this link: