Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Do People Send Me Stuff Like This?

It is a tremendously evocative road test of the new seventh generation Corvette, the 2014, from Road & Track.  Road tests like this make you almost want to keep working instead of retiring, so that you can afford the payments on something absurd like this.  Unfortunately, for most people, your choice is to have nice things, or do important things (and some do not even get that choice).  Only a very few get to do both.

UPDATE: It struck me as I was driving down to have dinner with my kids that I needed to get some perspective.  I drive a Jaguar in winter, and a Corvette the other three seasons.  I live in a beautiful house on a big parcel of land with a spectacular view.  I actually do get have nice things and do important things (although less than I would like).  This is the danger of materialism -- it can warp your thinking so that you don't realize how good you really have it.

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  1. Because the Corvette is a timorous substitute for your true desire, the M1-A2SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank.