Sunday, December 22, 2013

Semester Almost Over...

I have submitted the final grades.  All that is left is a curiosity called Outcomes Assessment, where we are supposed to identify how well students learned particular segments of the course.  Heck, I thought that was what the final grade was supposed to show, but perhaps because CWI is still operating under the College of Southern Idaho's accreditation, we have to do a more detailed analysis based on the various segments of Western Civilization that the class covers.  It is mildly annoying.

I have two paying projects to keep me busy in the intervening weeks between now and the next semester starting in late January.


  1. Be sure your Outcomes Assessment examines students' performance through the lenses of race, gender and class.


    Merry Christmas!

  2. The nice thing about online classes is you have NO IDEA what race they are, and often, no idea what sex. I have students named Vinny -- which I would assume is a guy, but it isn't. Even in the face-to-face class, I seldom manage to match up names on papers to faces, so I am often completely color-blind.

  3. I expect that they are looking for the gay & ethnic studies portion of Western Civilisation to have a profound effect on the students.


  4. I've always made a matrix of test questions and correct vs incorrect responses.

    I did this when I proctored and marked an exam for a colleague who had a family emergency -- it never occurred to him that a metric of "how many got this question wrong" might be a useful tool for improving instruction.