Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ways To Advance The Gay Agenda

From December 24, 2013 CBS Atlanta:
SEMMES, Ala. (CBS Atlanta/AP) — Minutes before they made the now-controversial strut down the parade route on Wulff Road on Saturday, the Prancing Elites, an all-male dance team from Mobile, stretched and lined up with the other parading groups before they marched.
As you might expect, the performance was pretty intentionally and overtly sexual -- and the Prancing Elites are shocked that the families along the parade route were offended!  Wow!  Who would have seen that?


  1. I blame the idiot parade organizers for including this well-known sexualized performance in a Christmas parade.

  2. Even if the parade organizers had no idea what the Prancing Elites' act was, it sounds like the Prancing Elites would rather be fabulous than treated like equals.