Friday, December 13, 2013

Humorous Reminder To Hang Up And Drive

This arrived by email:

I just learned to text!!!


  1. Unfortunately the search on that image is now completely swamped with "i just learned to text" captions.

    I recall seeing that image before, and by memory the story is that there were 4 to 6 people riding in the suburban, and the path of the guard-rail through the car managed to miss all of them.

    One used to see guard-rails with turned-down ends buried in the soil, that was in order to prevent such impalings -- but it lead to a lot of rollover incidents. Most new installations I see have a block trolley bumper on the end of the guardrail that kind of works as a reverse seamless gutter folding machine -- upon impact, as the trolley rides along the rail in front of the crashing vehicle, it flattens the formed metal rail, peels it off the supports, and throws the coil off to one side. You will notice that the first several meters of supports will all have a through-hole near ground level, this is so that when the vehicle knocks them over there is a clean break and they bounce off out of the way:

  2. According to snopes there was just the driver in the Suburban. He wasn't seriously injured.

  3. If no one was hurt they are incredibly luck!

  4. I meant "lucky" of course....