Monday, December 2, 2013

Telemarketing Calls: Where To File Complaints

Something called "Cardholder Services" robocalled me again on Saturday trying to get me refinance my credit card with them.  I never carry a balance, so calls like this are annoying, and for all I know, they are probably frauds anyway.  But I punched 1 just to tell the person at the other end to put me on their "Don't call" list.  I already have my cell phone and home phone on the "Don't call" list at FCC -- but what the heck, I thought that I would try to be polite.

And the response from the other end was, "Whacha still doin' on the line, cupcake?"

Anyway, I get calls from "Cardholder Services" every few months, and it is getting annoying, so I filed a complaint with the FCC.  Here's the online form for doing so.


  1. On of the best purchases I've made has been 2 Caller ID boxes from Radio Shack. If I don't recognize the caller, it goes to the machine, I figure if someone wants to talk with me, they'll leave a message. The robots don't. :-)

  2. I prefer using Google Voice as my screener. Not only does it have a pretty good list of spam-bots built in, but you can add any number to your own black-hole list, or filter numbers just about any way you want.

    I ported my home number to Google Voice, then got one of these Obihai boxes to take the VoIP from Google Voice and turn it into something my normal old home phone could handle. Dropping the home phone line and going to fee VoIP with great filtering was a dream come true. Now I can filter out even the annoying political voice spam!

  3. I've been getting calls from "Cardholder Services" for 4 years on my cell and filing complaints regularly with the FTC. Nothing has stopped them. And from what I can tell, the FTC ain't done squat. When I've pressed 1 and waited and informed the person who answers that the number is on Do Not Call, they just hang up. So now I've taken to pressing 1 and keeping my hockey referee's whistle handy and just blast it when they answer. Doesn't stop them either.

  4. "Card Services" is a well-known scam operation, which has been operating for a long time (mostly out of Florida), but which is remarkably incompetent. If someone actually DOES respond to them, they don't know how to handle it, and often break out into obscenities and threats.

  5. The FCC can't stop them either. They told me that these telemarketers move around so frequently that they cannot find them and stop them. Just another case of failed government!