Thursday, December 5, 2013

An Interesting Premise For A Novel

Congress, to solve the financial crisis, abolishes Social Security payments.  Imagine tens of millions of senior citizens like the character that Clint Eastwood plays in Gran Torino, taking revenge: people with only a few years left at best, and nothing to lose.


  1. What about turning them into "bio-fuels?"

    All joking aside, no question that if the current situation holds a large number of seniors over the next 1-50 years are going to be totally or mostly dependent on SS for post work living.

    As one who at this point will be lucky to make it to "mostly dependent" status I find it difficult to think that I can or will want to live past 70. Since that age will be a little more than 17 years longer than my dad did and will also be just ~6 years less than his dad that's probably enough anyways...

    Perhaps "voluntarily" dying of seniors will become a patriotic duty over the next few decades. Maybe I'll take up the cause of leading that when I hit the SS benefits age....

  2. I can't quite imagine them doing away with SS, but I'd bet the retirees from the City of Detroit didn't think their pensions could be touched, either. The emergency financial manager, who is leading the City into bankruptcy, says, "It's a shame, and it isn't fair, but there's just no money".

  3. I think I saw that movie - Soylent Green?

  4. Then there's the reverse scenario...Congress tries to keep Social Security going, and the Millennials start going after the Boomers.

    Wait, I think I saw a movie like that...