Monday, July 15, 2013

Voices You Aren't Hearing on the Mainstream Media Megaphone

From July 15, 2013 WTHR channel 13 Indianapolis:
"I know that a lot of you are upset about what happened last night," explained Reverend Charles Harrison pastor of Barnes United Methodist Church.
Reverend Harrison didn't mince words as he crafted his Sunday sermon around the outcome of controversial trial by suggesting there was no outrage over the recent violence in Indianapolis.
"Are we saying as a community when a black person kills a black person it is acceptable but when a white person kills a black person then it's not acceptable is that what we are saying now? IF we don't value black life then how do you expect the broader community to value black life if we don't value black life," he said.
And then goes on to make the point that if white people make it, is a sign of racism, ignorance, reactionary thinking, etc.: that the collapse of family structure in the black community is a big part of the problem.

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