Friday, July 12, 2013

Is The Ammunition Insanity Finally Coming To An End?

Cheaper Than Dirt has 124 grain 9mm FMJ (50 rounds per box) in stock for $19.19.

These still aren't great prices, compared to five years ago, but they aren't quite as silly as I was seeing a few months ago.


  1. Starting to come down off a high of $.90 a round.

  2. I've checked Cheaper Than Dirt very rarely, but I think even that is over. The prices listed for that brick of .22s and the price for hi-cap AR mags is just outrageous! A couple of weeks after you posted the link for Cheaper Than Dirt's hi-cap AR mags, I went to a gun show and found them very reasonably priced. About a month ago, I got a brick of CCI standard velocity .22 for $75. A high price but a lot better than Cheaper Than Dirt and from the reviews, a lot better ammo, too!

  3. Supplies are increasing and prices naturally are dropping.

    Also, I'm seeing that some people who bought at the peak of the market in thoughts of making a killing are now having to sell at a loss because they need the cash.

    People who had adequate supplies and could wait this out are in a good position right now.