Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crater Lake

My mother tells me that I first visited Crater Lake when I was eight months old, but of course I don't remember it.  I have visited in the depths of winter so deep that I could not ever see the lake -- the snowbanks cut by the plows made it invisible.  But this time... wow.  .

There were still patches of snow on some of the south facing slopes.  Ordinarily, highs are in the 60s at Crater Lake in July, and it would be a beautiful place for hiking.

These pictures don't really capture the scale of the lake; here's a picture showing ripples on the surface and the wake being kicked up by a boat carrying passengers to Wizard Island.

I assumed that the haze in central Oregon was forest fire related -- but a hiker we spoke to told us that in her experience, this was very typical. Perhaps xylenes from all those trees?

The natives were very friendly, but we didn't feed them anything:

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