Monday, July 1, 2013

"This Showerhead Doesn't Flow; It Rampages"

I mentioned that the motel last night had a very environmentally incorrect showerhead -- one could actually get clean in it in no time at all.  The motel this evening in Crescent, Oregon, is the Woodman Country Lodge, and is a somewhat upscale version of the Holiday Motel -- built in the era when America still believed that it had something important to contribute to the world.  This showerhead is even more impressive -- my wife described it as the title shows. 

It is awesome!  Not just does it get you clean -- but it is like a low quality massage on your skin and scalp! 

The motel is either an expression of the traditional American culture of hunting, or a sign of the barbarous nature of American life that must be re-educated out of existence!  I'm not big on clear toilet seats, but...

Yes, ammunition embedded in the plastic!

The shower curtain and other room decor:

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  1. A friend recently noted to an e-mail list that the pressure reduction valve on his house's water system had failed, and that they now had 135 psi at all taps and faucets.

    Another friend replied that until the valve gets fixed, showers would be "interesting".