Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Unpleasant Discovery on My Return Home

Well, the two dead mice my son found while housesitting were not wonderful, but the bills for the kidney stone are starting to arrive, and those are worse.

I had misread a previous Explanation of Benefits as meaning that we had paid everything out of pocket for the plan year.  Not so.  The total for the emergency room visit, the surgery, and the dye contrast CT scan to figure out that I had an odd but not pathological left kidney came to about $21,000.   After contract adjustment, it was more like $13,000.  I owe a bit more than $2000.  I guess that I better write faster!

I am not complaining about the cost -- I couldn't have done it myself cheaper and certainly not as well. :-)  But it was a bit unexpected.

1 comment:

  1. Best mousetrap we have ever used, bar none.

    It works the first time and there is no learning curve for the pests. Their first lesson is their last.