Monday, July 22, 2013

Looking For Frogs in All The Wrong Places

From Sitting at the Foot of the Mountain:
The Lord's Bathtub
This is not the usual place to find a frog:    

Yup.  It's a frog in my bathtub.  I wonder if his fellow frogs could see him, what would they say...    
"If you can get water to come out of that thing, you'd live like a king!"    
"Nice digs, but where are the plants?"    
"I like the minimalist architecture, but a rock here or there would be nice."  
"Kinda Zen.  But...How'd you get in?"     
"What are you thinking!  They have a CAT!"
And yet, the frog seems content with his rather simple landscape.  He has one key advantage:  he has ME.  I will keep the cat from him; I will make sure he is secure while he is in my house.  Eventually, I will place him back into a more secure environment.  I will be careful in handling him, knowing that frogs cannot be handled roughly.  Finally, I care about him.  

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