Monday, July 22, 2013

Has Anyone Used One Of These?

The Ergotron WorkFit-S, LCD Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation?  Some of my co-workers are using these so that they can sit and work then stand and work.  While there is no budget at work for more of these in the current year, I might buy one for home.  My hope is that by working standing up for part of the time, I might reduce strain on my arms and burn more calories.  (Treadmill computer desks are a bit too expensive, and I am skeptical that I could work while treadmilling.)


  1. Marko Kloos, the blogger Munchkinwrangler has an arrangement where he can write standing up or sitting. I can't tell from his blog what he is currently using.

  2. I looked it up and it looks like Marko has a standing desk that he created himself ( The key is to have a sit-stand workstation so you can switch off between the two quite easily. The WorkFit-S allows that. Ergotron has other options, depending on your current desk configuration avail. at

  3. Some years back, my YMCA had some stationary bikes with Web browser panels. They were good for web surfing, and I saw some people doing e-mail on them.

    So it might not be that crazy to work while exercising.