Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things That Drive Me Crazy

I needed to write a stupid CGI script in order to submit my resume for a position--but I need to see what HTTP requests are being sent when I click the test button so that the CGI script can respond appropriately to the requests.  Unfortunately, logging of HTTP traffic seems to be turned off for my website.  

I submitted a help request to my ISP asking why I couldn't see the HTTP traffic logs.  The response was, "This is where the raw access logs are" but they immediately closed the request without giving me a chance to respond, "Yes, and they are zero length."

I suspect that there is some control in HostRocket's control panel for my domain that controls whether logging is turned on or not, but I sure can't find it, and their customer support is running astonishingly slow this evening.  I really won't have the time to do this tomorrow evening.


  1. Sorry to hear that your ISP gave you poor service. I hope you will at least file a complaint the next time you are able to get in contact with someone.

  2. For this sort of thing I tend to run a webserver on a PC at home. You can avoid messing around with cpanel or the like.