Friday, September 7, 2012

Step Back From the Time Machine

On Craigslist:
Sep 6 984 Corvette $3995 (Meridian) owner pic 
A perfect car for a Viking, I suppose, except for the problem of finding gasoline in the Dark Ages.


  1. The reliable internet: You can have a BMW K1600GTL that could weighs 1233 pounds!

    Look it up!|2315626&model=K1600gtl&year=2010:2012&modelkeyword=1&sort=year:desc

    Its really about 770 lbs.

    Man, I thought a Boss Hoss was heavy with a 502 cubic inch engine!

    I realize that the link may obviate posting the comment, in which case I heartily, cheerfully concur.

    D. Murray

  2. Maybe that is the car that proves the incessant stories from "those who know" that a steel bodied 'Vette was made, but there was only one, and his cousin's best friend's father in law's brother knew someone who had one.

  3. Finally an answer to what caused the Medieval Warm Period.