Thursday, September 27, 2012

Armageddon Armory Took Care of the Rifle

I ended up having Armageddon Armory in Nampa install a Double Star ambidextrous end plate on the AR-15 (it looks rather like this one made by GRG), and a front sight sling adapter that looks like this one by ProMag (although I think it was another maker).  It was just over $50 and they were happy to install it while I waited.  I could have done this myself, and probably saved a few dollars (because the parts are slightly cheaper online), but it's always nice to have someone do the job who doesn't have to look up the sequence, and I don't mind paying a bit more to have a local business do the job.

I now have to decide whether or not to return this armorer's tool for which I really don't have any pressing need.  I only needed it to deal with the castle nut that isn't an issue, since I have the fixed stock, not the collapsible stock.  I hate to return it, because the company that sold it was very fast at filling my order, and I hate to return an order that was really because of my stupidity.  On the other hand, $37.55 is a bit of money.  Perhaps I will just keep it.


  1. Or you could offer the tool via private resale to any AR-15 owners among your readers.

    (I'm currently not an AR-15 owner, otherwise I'd be interested. But I'll probably end the year as an AR-15 owner. Still not certain what variety, or options, will be on it.)

  2. You may as well keep as you will need it when you build your next '15.