Thursday, September 20, 2012

Installing Apache on My Linux Box

HostRocket still hasn't responded to the problem with permissions preventing my CGI script from running, so I am trying to get Apache installed and running correctly on my Linux box.

So far, it works, but the $QUERY_STRING method of fetching the parameters from the request does not work the same under Ubuntu 12.04 as whatever version of Unix HostRocket is running.  This is most odd.

There are days that this seems to be too much work to apply for a job that I probably won't even get an interview for, anyway.

UPDATE: Just to clarify: the permissions issues with Apache on HostRocket's servers are not the problem that I am having with Apache on Ubuntu.  On Ubuntu, Apache throws the remarkably unspecific 500 Internal Server Error message.  Worse, where CGI scripts are supposed to receive the query parameters (everything after the ? on a GET request) in environment variable QUERY_STRING (and seem to do so on HostRocket's servers), QUERY_STRING is not defined on Ubuntu.  This is probably some sort of misconfiguration of Apache, although I have taken a very standard set of configuration parameters there.

I have other things to do this weekend--stuff that has a greater prospect of generating some money--so perhaps HostRocket will figure out the permissions issues.

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  1. Wait, is the Apache on Ubuntu broken the same way as Apache on HostRocket?

    I don't know if you want to troll through the default permissions on Ubuntu's Apache, to see if it has some write-permission-limitation that might be hampering the simple CGI script.

    But if the script is supposed to be writing to a log file (somewhere in /var/log/... ) then you've got something really odd going on.

    Wish I could help; I've got an old install of Apache on one of my Linux-boxes. However, I don't use either Apache or that box very much these days.