Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheapest New Firearm Available?

I'm finishing an article about knives as Second Amendment arms.  (Sharpening it, perhaps?)  One of my points is that knives are used really quite rarely for violent crime, especially when you consider how darn cheap and unregulated they are.  I searched for "combat knife" and found 114 matches below $10--and some of these actually look like they would be relatively fearsome weapons.  Where could I search to get the lowest priced new firearms for sale today?

Answer: Cabela's.

UPDATE: Thanks all for the suggestions.  They pretty much establish the point that I am trying to make: you can buy some really scary (if that sort of thing scares you) "combat knives" for less than 10% of the price of a cheapest new firearm (and ones that might qualify as the most dangerous gun that gun control advocates believe anyone should be allowed to own)--and yet knives and all other cutting instruments are an astonishingly small fraction of our crime problem in the U.S.


  1. If you are still another answer, you could use Davidson's "Gallery of Guns."

    I use the site to find shops that use their web store front end -- click on "Retailer Search," enter a zip, and look for the "Store" icon in the results. You can get quotes on a large variety of firearms this way.

  2. It's a bit cheaper at Academy (

    With a rebate, I think I've seen a Marlin 795 for about $100.

  3. Since I work at Cabela's I was going to mention a few:

    The Mossberg 702 Plinkster is not the cheapest rifle - the Keystone Crickett is ($99) - single shot made for little kids.

    In pistols it's the Hi-Points. They're $199.99 and come in 9mm, .40, and .45. The 9mm is the 'compact' (size of a full-size GLOCK but holds 8 rounds). The .40 & .45 are huge and hold a couple more rounds.
    But if you live in a bad neighborhood they work just as good as the bad guy's guns. If you need a stash gun you're not going to worry about a Hi-Point in a lockbox.

  4. At Cheaper than Dirt you have to search by type and caliber, so these may not be the absolute cheapest, but they are probably close.

    They have a Baikal single shot 12 gauge shotgun for $102:

    And a collection of bolt-action .22LR Cricketts starting at $99:

    A Cobra CA380 semi-auto handgun starting at $109: