Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's 1980 Again

Fortunately, no hostages were taken this time.  From September 11, 2012 BBC:
Protesters have breached the wall of the US embassy in Cairo and torn down a US flag over a US-made film which they say is insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.
I keep hoping that Carter II goes the same way in November that Carter I did.


  1. President Reagan said, "trust but verify."
    In this case, we can say, "hope but vote."

    And the next time someone comes along pushing hope and change, I hope someone asks, hope for exactly what kind of change?

  2. Several US diplomatic personnel, including the Ambassador to Libya and two members of the Marine Guard were killed in Bengazi.

    Welcome back, Carter, indeed.

  3. No hostages ... just 4 dead, including a US Ambassador whose body was dragged through the dirt streets of Libya.

    Apparently the Libyan security forces who were responsible for protecting Americans tipped off the rocket-launching Libyans as to what building the Ambassador was hiding in. And they bombed it.

    It's worse than Carter.

  4. Obama=Jimmy Carter Jr. Let's send him back to the southside of Chicago so he can build houses for the poor.