Friday, September 21, 2012

Talk About Self-Centered

From the September 21, 2012 Pakistani newspaper The Nation:

UN, West should not test patience of Islamic world: PML
The PML is the Pakistan Muslim League.  They explain:
Pakistan Muslim League President Senator Ch Shujat Hussain and senior central leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi have asked the United Nations and the West not to put Islamic world's patience to more test and pay immediate attention to the protests of the Muslims over blasphemy, the culprits should not only be given exemplary punishment for committing blasphemy but also effective legislation should be done on international level to prevent such heinous acts in future.
Let's see.  After 9/11--an act of war that caused thousands of deaths, a few Americans got all worked up, and there was a murder or two and a few other criminal acts against Muslims and foreigners mistaken for Muslims.  And our response in America to these criminal acts was not to make excuses for these stupid hotheads, but to punish them for their crimes.

By comparison, what must be the most amateurish film ever made has provoked murders all over the Islamic world, making Islam look like a bunch of toddlers screaming and throwing things because they don't get their way.  And we're told that we "should not test patience of Islamic world."  So far, I'm not seeing much sign of patience there.


  1. Many are wondering if the film itself even exists... the only thing that's been seen is the so-called trailer. Makes one further wonder if the trailer was a provocation designed to stir Muslims up against the US.

  2. I wonder if the creator of the movie / trailer was even an Egyptian Copt. Do we know that for sure? We have, I think, only his word for it, but he also said he was a Jew from Israel.

    I wish someone in the media would ask if he is, in fact, a Muslim troublemaker, like the Danish imams who added cartoons of their own and claimed the Danish had drawn them.

  3. Sam Bacile as agent provocateur. Why, what a terrible, sexist, islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobic, intolerant, racist, bigoted thing to say (did I leave any leftist arguing point out?).

    I would say there's a strong argument for that belief, plus a psychological one, that it provides a cover for it being a preplanned murder and riot commemorating the anniversary of 9-11. If the fools in the west recognized that it was preplanned, instead of the fig leaf fiction of it being a spotaneous riot in response to some sudden insult, would result in recognition of what a threat to the west Islamic expansion was.
    By having the fig leaf fiction the argument can be made that coexistence is possible under terms dictated by the islamists.
    If this were a "spousal" abuse case the leftists would recognize it for what it was, making excuses for the abuser.

  4. As for it being amateurish, it makes "the Terror of Tiny Town" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" look like films from Jean Renoir.
    As for trying the minimalist patience of the Islamic Street, I again refer to individual psychology, which leftists always seem to want to scale up when dealing among nations, if this were an individual instead of a group, they would not cave so easily.

  5. Self-centered, perhaps, but if you put this in the context of a country with 10s of nuclear weapons (more than 100 according to this article) and that is said to be pumping them out at a pretty high rate it becomes more than a little chilling.

  6. Maybe we should encourage our loons the way they encourage theirs. We could have an offense a day until the over-sensitive get burned out and de-sensitized.

    I'm still waiting for the Administration to express its outrage that "Piss Christ" is going on display again.

    But I'm not holding my breath!@

  7. But throwing a Molotov Cocktail at the museum where Piss Christ is on display is an act of violence, and by being a member of the (so far still) dominant culture, it is only violence and not political expression.