Friday, September 21, 2012

Those With Experience Removing AR-15 Stocks

I am thinking of putting one of these sling adapters on my AR-15 to do a combat carry double point sling.  To do that requires removing the castle nut that holds the fixed stock to the upper receiver.  I am mildly concerned about the number of comments that I see indicating that manufacturers have staked or had gorillas tighten the castle nuts in place--suggesting that just buying a wrench like this isn't going to be sufficient.  I could go to my local assault weapon specialist store (we have at least two stores in Boise that are almost exclusively sell and service weapons for Zombieageddon) and have them charge me about $50 to do something that only involves about $20 in parts and tools (and it's nice to be able to handle stuff like this myself).

What's your experience with castle nuts on factory rifles?  Am I am being scared without reason?


  1. I build the things as a side job; I've never had a problem with a proper wrench.

  2. Oh, but I do recommend getting the considerably stronger and heavier duty "AR armorers wrench" or "AR armorers combo wrench tool" etc... available basically everywhere for $25.

    Amazon has several vendors selling it prime for $25.

  3. Clayton, this is NOT a comment about the AR15 story... just wanted you to know I saw that the NRA has used your info re: mental health and gun violence in the new issue of their magazine - it just arrived in my box yesterday.

    (Don't know how to contact you other than submitting a comment.)

    bikeboy aka Steve Hulme, Boise

  4. Clayton,

    It is easiset to ( carefully with a very thin cutoff disk) cut through the staking. You will want to restake it after reinstallation. Give me your email and I will send you a photo of it staked correctly.

    Also, on the right lower interior of the receiver end plate, there is a small spring that pressurizes the rear takedown pin detent. Do not lose that or the detent.

  5. rfb: Please email picture to my first name AT

  6. Use a vice block to hold the rifle while you use the wrench.

  7. Just to be clear: you mention a "fixed stock" on your AR. If it is a fixed, A2 style stock, you cannot use that sling adapter endplate. You would need a collapsible stock to utilize that.