Friday, October 15, 2010

Time To Give

RealClearPolitics as of October 12 moved the race for Walt Minnick's seat (Idaho's first Congressional district) from Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat.  The latest polling data that they show is from mid-September, so I suspect that they made this call based on unpublished polling data, and the rising momentum of Labrador's campaign.  I threw some more money into Labrador's campaign to help him out.  I also put up my Labrador for Congress yard sign over the weekend.  The campaign didn't have any stakes for it, so I put something together--perhaps the only Labrador for Congress yard sign put together entirely with stainless steel fasteners.

RealClearPolitics now shows 211 seats as either Safe Republican, Likely Republican, or Leans Republican, with 40 seats tossups.  Only one of those tossup seats is currently held by a Republican--and that is Charles Djou (HI-1), who only won it in a special election earlier this year.  This means that all 40 seats that are now considered tossups were Democratic seats as a result of the "I'm so in love with the cult of personality, I have no idea what I am voting for" 2008 election.

This is going to be a blowout election.

While RealClearPolitics still shows AZ-7 as Likely Democrat, Ruth McClung's momentum seems to be strong.  She's running against a guy who organized a boycott of his own state, because of the illegal immigration law that Arizona passed.  The incumbent, Grijalva, is clearly no rocket scientist.  McClung, however, is, literally, a rocket scientistI kicked in some money to her campaign yesterday.  Do likewise.


  1. Infuriatingly, Clayton, Google puts a very slimy and dishonest anti-Ken Buck ( Colorado Senate campaign GOP nominee ) ad on your site immediately below.

    I know you have no control. Just kvetching.

  2. Excellent! An ad that is unlikely to persuade my readers--but does put a couple pennies in my pocket!