Thursday, October 21, 2010

OpenOffice Problem

I need to convert the graphs I've produced in OpenOffice into JPGs.  If I copy them into Microsoft Word, they look great.  If I then copy and paste them from there into an image editor, it seems to clip the right edge of the graph.  Anyone with experience doing this who can help me out?  I have nine graphs that I need to convert.  There has to be a way to do this.

UPDATE: I found a way.  Not the best way, but it works.  I paste the graphs into Word.  Then I make sure the entire graph is visible on the screen, and hit PrtScrn.  Then I paste into my image editor, and crop it down to just the graph.


  1. OpenOffice can create PDFs natively. Seems like you could just make a pdf then use the photo capture tool to copy the graph.

    Alternatively, you might want to try a different image editor such as GIMP. It might work differently.

    I've noticed that Word and Excel pretend that copying and pasting HTML tables from Firefox are just plain text, but pasting them into openoffice preserves the tables.

  2. If in Calc, copy the graph to Draw. From Draw, File/Export/JPEG.
    I usually 'Select All'/'Group' the sheet before exporting.

  3. If you have Vista or Win 7 the Snipping Tool lets you do bounded screenshots (and saves in PNG).

    In WinXP I use a tool called PrtScr

  4. Side note will take a png snip of the screen for you.

    That is how I do all my photos since I do all my graphs in Excel. Microsoft intentionally butchered their jpeg producer in v.2007.

    If you do graphs with Calc then you can import them into Writer, and it will produce a jpeg for you.