Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ally, Formerly GMAC--Incompetent

I mailed them a check September 22 to pay off my wife's TrailBlazer.  The check hasn't cleared.  Nor do they have any evidence that it arrived.  Their lame excuse is that it must have gotten lost in the mail. 

I send out hundreds of checks a year.  The last time that checks did not arrive it was because someone stole our mail out of our mailbox in Boise.  (The post office does not lose first class mail very often.)

Now I have to stop payment on the check, and arrange an electronic movement of the money--since I have no confidence that Ally will be able to process a piece of paper.

When I called up this morning to talk to them: the first two times I called, my call was dropped, once before I talked to someone, the second time after I was put on hold.  When I decided to give the customer survey a piece of my mind--the software responsible for gathering my comments would not let me leave a message in the specified place.

Everything about Ally seems to be incompetent.


  1. They apparently aren't competent at mortgage fraud, either. The horrifying details are documented over the last couple of weeks at

  2. We made our final baloon payment for our Saturn Vue to them, only to get a letter a week later, saying they payment was never recieved, and an additional service charge would be tacked on to the final payment, which was due three days before the letter arrived.
    A quick call to BB&T shows that GMAC (heh....) DID recieve/remove the payment/funds from our account, and it was a completed transaction by their records.
    A quick call to Ally, whic claimed a 'computer glitch during the conversion from GMAC to Ally' was the cause, and to disreguard the payment request.
    I'm waiting for another Ally letter, and gonna make a Saturn V launch look like a bottle rocket...