Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Strict Scrutiny on Carrying Concealed

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has ruled that strict scrutiny applies to the Second Amendment with respect to carrying a concealed knife.  I rather doubt that this will survive appeal, and even I don't find the argument for why strict scrutiny applies to be very persuasive unless you already think that.  It is still nice to see.

UPDATE: A reader says that this is a circuit judge's decision--not the court of appeals.  I suspect that he is right.


  1. The case is posted on the Court of Appeals website but it is a decision by a County Circuit Court Judge that has NOT been appealed yet. The DA say he will appeal but he has another 21 days to actually do so.

  2. I have a gut feeling that it won't be appealed, because if it is appealed, then the whole house of cards may well fall, and I'd be willing to bet that libtard of a DA does NOT want to be the guy that brings the whole thing down around his head. he'd rather let the whole thing go and forget it and just assume that the concealed weapon law is unenforcable in that one small district than to bring the whole thing down state wide.