Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Blog! Friends of Irony

A whole bunch of sometimes amusing, sometimes hysterically funny photos.  (I presume since they provided a copy and paste code block explicitly to include all of these on one's blog, that they intend for people to do so.)  Like this one, showing a tattoo that qualifies as self-refuting. 

Well, Almost Nothing
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And a news story about some Polish neo-Nazis who make a horrifying discovery about their ancestry.

Oy Vey!
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And a pro-life message on a remarkably inappropriate dry cleaning item.

We're Going to Hell for This One
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(If you don't see the irony on this one--coat hangers used to be used for another purpose besides hanging up clothes.)

And this tragic attempt by a public school system to tell everyone about the virtues of the local public school system...but which demonstrates a serious spelling error that I fear might turn out to be an accurate description.

Funny Signs - Hint: Not English
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Or this unfortunate juxtaposition of someone's cute piglet and a T-shirt expressing a culinary preference.

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