Friday, October 8, 2010

Minnick's Desperation

I heard a new radio ad that Walt Minnick (D-ID) is running to attack Raul Labrador.  What is amazing to me is how I have heard almost no ads from Minnick emphasizing reasons to vote for Minnick--and there are some reasons that he could use, such as his courageous voting record, voting against Obama and his own party.  Instead, he runs ads attacking Raul Labrador, featuring, of all things, the U.S. Marshal responsible in part for the Ruby Ridge disaster.

So far, Minnick has not quite stooped to engaging in racial politics, but I expect that will happen soon.  Perhaps Minnick's attack ads against Labrador will start pronouncing his name with a Spanish accent, for those who haven't figured out that Mr. Labrador is Hispanic.

I need to get over to Labrador campaign headquarters and get some bumper stickers and a yard sign.

I just kicked in $50 to Labrador's campaign.  You can do something too.  Even if Minnick wins re-election, every dollar Labrador gets means at least a dollar that Democrats have to spend defending Minnick--which means that there is less money to spend on other races around the country.

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