Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ecofascism Shows Its Real Face

The British global warming fanatics have produced a new public service announcement that I am sure that they thought was really funny.  As soon as they started running it, the negative reaction was so strong that they pulled it back--and are apparently trying very hard to get it removed from YouTube.  But you can see the ad over here--and I should warn you--it's pretty graphically bloody.  The implication that you go along with our program, or we'll blow up your kids, really shows the fundamental common ground of Al Qaeda and environmental whackos (like the ones that control the Democratic Party).


  1. I've been refusing to link to it. By going "Viral" and deleting their own post, but "Magnanimously and in the spirit of anti-censorship" letting everyone else keep it up, they get to spread to a wider audience and save the bandwidth and get to pretend they're sorry.

  2. Of course, I, for one, don't care if they're sorry: they've displayed their true colors, and people don't like it.

    I have not viewed the videos myself, and I don't want to. I think the videos do more harm to their cause than good, though, so I'm glad they're going viral.