Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Be Stupid

I saw this article in the October 18, 2010 Idaho Statesman about a man accused of knowingly exposing at least twenty men and one woman to HIV. 
Ada County Sheriff’s investigators say Everhart told them in September he had unprotected sex with as many as 20 men and one woman he met online since he found out in October 2009 —  but didn’t tell those people he had HIV.

Detectives have identified and talked to five victims with whom Everhart had unprotected sex since Oct. 2009. All have been informed about Everhart's condition and have been advised to get tested for HIV, officials say.

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What rather amazes me is that when you look in the personals section of Craig's List, you see people advertising their interest in casual sex with the request of being "disease free."   I have to wonder: in the age of AIDS, herpes, and other incurable STDs, why anyone would be so trusting.  This is beyond stupid.

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  1. It goes beyond stupid, but that's not unusual where sexuality is concerned.

    For example, right now in NYC approximately 25% of the population has herpes.

    Now, assuming that the average person in NYC has the average number of sexual partners, what are the odds that they will catch herpes at some point?

    For women, it's 1-(3/4)**4 or 68%.

    For men, it's 1-(3/4)**7 or 87%.

    Ok, in reality the number might be somewhat lower if the pair take precautions, the infection isn't active, etc., but even the precautions have a failure rate that's pretty high.

    Still, just looking at the math, if you're on your fourth "long term relationship" you're at pretty high risk in NYC. And that's not even considering one-nighters.