Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Minute Ads

I tend to wait until the last minute to read initiatives, and this election is no different.  I use this time because the most vicious, and generally least accurate campaign ads come out on the last weekend before the election.  Why?  Because if Mr. A says something really vile about Mr. B--there is not time to produce anything in print, or a radio or television commercial, that refutes it.  The television ads and robocalls from Walt Minnick are making the claim that Raul Labrador intentionally and knowingly worked with one of Labrador's clients to flee justice. 

That is a claim that I believe actually qualifies as libelous--asserting that an attorney intentionally conspired to help a criminal escape justice.  Making such a claim three days before the election--instead of two weeks ago, when there could have been a response, if Labrador had a response--is generally the mark of someone who does not dare allow enough time for a response. 

Minnick is probably toast--and I sure hope so.  A few months back, my reasons to back Labrador were primarily, "Remove the Wicked Witch of the West from Speaker of the House" and secondarily that Labrador seemed to be a serious conservative.  I was not particularly hostile to Minnick.  Watching these sleazy, manipulative, dishonest ads from Minnick have made me really, really hostile to him.  I look forward to seeing Minnick join the rest of the Democrats who seem to be prepared to do anything to hold onto power.

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