Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's First Class

The PowerPoint from the first class.


  1. [I'm posting this as two comments to get around the length limitation.]

    Part one: Copy-editing.

    General: Dark blue text on light blue background. Gah.

    Slide #4: "keep up with your grades" (or at least "...up WITH what...".

    #43: "...that THEY HAD discovered..."

    #44: "Europeans" and "Islam" are not equivalent classes. Try "Islamic sultanates".

    #47: "Many tribes" and "The Catawbas" are examples of lands NOT purchased. Try making "Many Eastern tribes..." top level bullet?

    #48: Make "the more remote..." part of top bullet.

    #48: Should "Fear and greed" be a sub-bullet for "Frontiersmen", not "Concern"? And what drove royal government support?

    #49: Purple right parenthesis crosses text. (You probably can't fix this in the image, right?)

    #49: Japan sent exploration mission to Lisbon? [Light blue line at top]

  2. I'd enjoy taking this class. Are these the slides from classes you've already presented, or previews? If it's a preview, the last line on slide 43 is missing a "they".

  3. You see them after I have used the slides. I don't doubt that there will be some typos and inelegant phrasing. They are primarily notes for me and something to keep the students engaged. I have become a big fan of the PowerPoint assisted approach to classroom delivery. It seems to make it easier on the students--a mixture of visual and auditory learning. It is more detailed and FAR more readable than the notes that I would write on the blackboard!

  4. Great work, Clayton. I am so proud of you. Mom