Friday, August 6, 2010

The Newest Additions To The Defendants' List

At current rates of growth, when do we get to elect a member of Congress? 

The August 6, 2010 Las Vegas Sun reports that both Second Amendment Sisters and the "Center for Intercultural Organizing" a Portland nonprofit are being sued.

The Las Vegas Sun, to their credit, recognizes that bloggers are allies, not enemies, and contacts apparent infringers to ask them to take down content and use links.  Also to the Sun's credit, they identify the magic number at which they get upset about a quote: "100 words or 10 percent of a story, whichever is less."

It also appears that some of the other defendants are fighting back, vigorously.  I just hope that the courts swat Righthaven's noise to a bloody pulp before we spend too many thousands on our lawyers.


  1. Read the response to a similar situation by Monster Cable

  2. The website is tracking all of the copyright infringement lawsuits being filed by Righthaven and also linking to articles publicizing the actions of Righthaven.