Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All Things Considered, A Pretty Positive Result

My doctor has been concerned about my blood pressure, and I was rather worried that the stress of this lawsuit was going to do bad things on that front.  I had to go to the doctor on Tuesday morning to have some skin tags removed.  (These are one of those mild indignities that often come with old age.)  To my surprise, my blood pressure before they started causing me pain was 122/78--a perfectly respectable blood pressure.  I am also pleased to report that my treadmill speed is being to work its way up, sometimes for considerable periods of four miles/hour.  Progress!


  1. Regarding skin tags, there is a home treatment for those if you don't want to bother with a trip to the local med facility. Simply tie them off (I use dental floss) as close to the skin surface as you can manage. That cuts off the blood supply to the cells of the tag. A few days later they fall off after turning brown/black.

    I learned that at the Veterans Medical Center, where they didn't even offer to do it themselves.

  2. Skin tags -- bah!

    That's what hangnail clippers and cans of freeze spray are for.

    But I'm glad to hear about the BP and treadmill. You're actually valuable, Clayton, we really don't want to lose you -- it would give great aid and comfort to the Forces of Endarkenment if we did.

    A few years ago, I acquired an automatic BP cuff, because mine's been way too high, and more recently a blood sugar monitor, because I have a family history. These devices are relatively cheap and very easy to use, and provide considerable peace of mind. I've had a lot of fun learning how my body responds to this and that, particularly charting my blood sugar at half-hour intervals.

    Now waiting for the self-colonoscopy kit....Oh, wait....Cool! Now I can opt out of Obamacare completely!

  3. Great report, Clayton. You have been working towards this goal. Great r4sult you have achieved.