Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Evil Involved Just Takes My Breath Away

I spoke with another Righthaven defendant earlier today who, like us, was utterly startled. Not being able to afford attorneys, he contacted Righthaven to find out if there was some way to work this out. He was startled to find that copying ONE newspaper article meant that Righthaven was expecting from the four figure to mid five figure range for a settlement. He tried to explain that at best, he might have something in the two figure area. (Like a lot of the bloggers that Righthaven is going against, this is a person who has NOTHING.) Now this poor guy has, like some others that I have talked to, decided to allow default judgment of $75,000 and go bankrupt.  What's the point in gathering uncollectable judgments like this?

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  1. I think all of us in the blogging community, most of whom are just mom and pop outlets, need to be made aware of this. How can these jerks do this to people? Disgusting.